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I'm so sorry... by animek22x
Mature content
I'm so sorry... :iconanimek22x:animek22x 3 0
Lineart by animek22x Lineart :iconanimek22x:animek22x 1 2 Hearts by animek22x Hearts :iconanimek22x:animek22x 4 0 Loraveil Moonscar by animek22x Loraveil Moonscar :iconanimek22x:animek22x 5 0 Zolin by animek22x Zolin :iconanimek22x:animek22x 4 0 Cole by animek22x Cole :iconanimek22x:animek22x 2 0 Andrea Payne by animek22x Andrea Payne :iconanimek22x:animek22x 1 3 Layla by animek22x Layla :iconanimek22x:animek22x 1 0
Prophecy of Light and Shadow Ch8
The night passes in a haze of restless dreams. I awake at dawn conscious of only one thing: I must make up for the mishap with the king. Dressing quickly, I ignore the sleeping bodies in the bunk beds around me. They are shadows, turned gray in the budding dawn light. The ‘barracks,’ someone called them, are quite the luxurious hole in the wall. A large window in the back of the room looks out into the courtyard. Someone’s out there. No, two people: One tall and muscular and the other smaller, of child stature.
Impa and Zelda.
My chest tightens.
I have to do it. It’s not my strong point, but I have to do it.
If I can utilize the Princess’ trust in me, I may be able to get more information on the kingdom. Information Ganondorf can use. In the very least it will avert their eyes from me. I can’t look like a traitor. But then, why would I? I’m only ten… Why should I have to be afraid of my own people? It doesn’t matter if you should or
:iconanimek22x:animek22x 0 0
Prophecy of Light and Shadow Ch7
The sun drags across the sky. Tiny figures slide across the top of Castle Town’s wall, encased in metal suits. When they see us coming, they man a crank and lower the gate.
“Who are those men?” I ask. “What are they wearing?”
“Those soldiers are from the castle. Can’t you see the crest on their armor?” The poison in Abana’s tone makes me cringe.
“Yeah, I guess…” I swallow, then continue slowly. “Are you… mad at me?”
“No, no. I’m perfectly fine with the fact that you ignore me all the time.”
“I’m sorry, I… I’ve had a lot on my mind.”
“Like what, Anali? How much you love ranches?”
I flinch. “I’m sorry!”
“You left me there alone! You didn’t even think to ask her if I could go with you, did you? I could have helped you! I could have protected you!”
“I’m SORRY, ok?” A wave of heat rushes to
:iconanimek22x:animek22x 0 0
Beyond Darkness (Prophecy of Light and Shadow) Ch9
Smashing against rocks and water heaving me under, gushing up my nose, into my lungs.
My eyes sting and clamp themselves shut.
It’s cold.
Beyond cold.
I flail, trying to find air. Push myself up. Tides rip at my clothes and pull me down.
No pain. Just endless tumbling, jostling movement. I hit a boulder head on, peel off and twist downstream.  
Water whirls past me, around me, rolls in and over itself. I grind against the bedrock, feel my head hit the bottom. My lungs grovel for air.
I take in water.
It’s all over.
Fresh, freezing air for half a second as a waterfall throws me over the side. A waterfall. Blue light pierces through my eyelids. My ears roar. Then a crash and I’m under again.
This is it.
Warmth wells up from my bones, my blood. Boulders and tides pound against my body, but I barely feel them. The sting in my nostrils lessens, and a dull thought enters my mind.
It’s amazing how similar death is to sleep…
:iconanimek22x:animek22x 0 0
Colors and stuff by animek22x Colors and stuff :iconanimek22x:animek22x 0 0 Croft by animek22x Croft :iconanimek22x:animek22x 0 0 Fall Kisses by animek22x Fall Kisses :iconanimek22x:animek22x 2 0 Bed Time for a Youtuber by animek22x Bed Time for a Youtuber :iconanimek22x:animek22x 5 7 Birthday hug by animek22x Birthday hug :iconanimek22x:animek22x 4 1


Napstablook Plush - Undertale by Blakmy Napstablook Plush - Undertale :iconblakmy:Blakmy 4,193 320 It was a trap to take them all away. With him. by Atsukie-Ringfird It was a trap to take them all away. With him. :iconatsukie-ringfird:Atsukie-Ringfird 566 30 RWBY OCs by Heart-Wolfii RWBY OCs :iconheart-wolfii:Heart-Wolfii 4 1 Run, Brother by conceptfox Run, Brother :iconconceptfox:conceptfox 85 12 FaceMaker by FoxRichards FaceMaker :iconfoxrichards:FoxRichards 17,559 5,515 Two-Handed weapons build strength by TalTal19 Two-Handed weapons build strength :icontaltal19:TalTal19 3 0
LOZ:Twilight Princess:Prologue FINAL
The Bridge of Eldin stood strong yet silent.  The red sky painted its old grey stones and the neighboring landscape in the most beautiful hues, and yet the sky lingered with the air of omens.  A light, yellowish flutter of clouds wisped throughout the dusk sky and dulled the warmth.
In the silence then a thundering neigh sounded, and a lone rider sped through the grand archway of the bridge.  The footsteps of the red horse echoed against the thick stone, reverberating into the wide canyon that stretched far below.  With the setting sun shining upon the pair from the west, the horse's crimson body appeared even more vibrant, an orange tint running the length of its bouncing white mane and tail.  The clomps of its hooves seemed to keep a constant rhythm, one that kept everything in sync.
The rider remained unidentifiable other than his soiled green clothes.  He paid no mind to the grandness of the bridge or the glamour of the castle on the distant northern horizon.  Not even the breathta
:iconstephonika-w-kaye:Stephonika-W-Kaye 71 34
Ain't no Shingetsu, kid. Never was. by TalTal19
Mature content
Ain't no Shingetsu, kid. Never was. :icontaltal19:TalTal19 4 2
Norse God of Fire - Loki by MischkaMichi Norse God of Fire - Loki :iconmischkamichi:MischkaMichi 3 1 Marvel Loki Portrait by MischkaMichi Marvel Loki Portrait :iconmischkamichi:MischkaMichi 3 0 Summer Forest - book cover by Azot2017 Summer Forest - book cover :iconazot2017:Azot2017 953 56 Deer boiii by LemonPoppySeedMuffin Deer boiii :iconlemonpoppyseedmuffin:LemonPoppySeedMuffin 159 34 .: T E M A R I :. by Charlie-Bowater .: T E M A R I :. :iconcharlie-bowater:Charlie-Bowater 449 63



So guys I've decided to give commissions a try! The pricing is as follows: 

Chibi lineart: $3

Chibi color: $5

$2 per extra person. 

Lineart (normal proportions) shoulders up: $6

Color/Shade Shoulders up: $8 

Lineart Full-body: $10

Color/Shade Full-body: $15

$5 per extra person. 

$3 extra if you'd like a speed-paint as well. 


Thanks so much for your time! I can't wait to make things for you guys! :) 

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  • Reading: The Bible, Catholic Bible Guide
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